Anns Ethnic Jewellery

I am a self taught jewellery artist and have spent many years in the art world, printmaking, painting, life drawing, clay figures and now silversmithing.

My small business started 18 years ago when I first traveled to India and purchased old saris and silver and selling at Gorman House market. I then started designing jewellery, mostly from old trade beads and old silver, as a friend brought me back a large box of trade beads from Ghana. From then I was hooked on old trade beads traded from Venice to W. Africa and also to India, Nepal.

We moved to live in Africa and Cambodia from 1999-2011 and whilst there I sourced some fabulous old beads, silver and textiles. I walked miles down dusty laneways of markets and traveled to far flung areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, India and Cambodia (where I bought and sold Cambodian silk in a shop in Bungendore, since closed). I walk the souks of Morocco and rummage through dusty boxes for the treasures I now incorporate into my necklaces and sell at the market or in my etsy shop.

I sell my handmade ethnic jewellery at Old Bus Depot Market (upstairs) on the lst and 4th Sunday of every month and also through my etsy shop

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