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Zoes Button Emporium

How did you get started? I have always been an avid crafter (like the age-old, recent saying goes, ‘I was crafting before it was cool’), and my life-long creative outlet has always been painting. That is, up until about 4 years ago, when I introduced a little grey kitten into my life, called Robbie. It became apparent very early on that Robbie was also an avid painter, taking every opportunity to chase my paintbrush strokes and pounce on canvases (he even used a few of my paintings to help with his teething issues at one point). Concerned that the paint wasn’t any good for him (or my white carpets, for that matter) I decided to retire my paintbrush. This all seemed good and well in theory, but of course within minutes I was already jumping at the bit, ready for a new project. So that’s when I decided to teach myself a new skill – how to cover buttons with fabric, and then how to turn these buttons into jewellery. ‘My sense of fashion and style might even improve in the process’, I thought to myself. But after I pressed that first fabric over a cover-button, I knew it was going to be so much more than that. It was going to become an addiction and I was going to love every moment of it (particularly as it also feeds my fabric addiction in the process). Early on, my main platform for sharing my little fabric-covered treasures was, but in more recent years I’ve also been embracing Canberra’s incredible market scene. Every Sunday my creations can be found at the Old Bus Depot Markets now, which has been such a great joy, and I’ve had to opportunity to connect even more closely with a number of other Meeting Place creators there.

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Anns Ethnic Jewellery

I am a self taught jewellery artist and have spent many years in the art world, printmaking, painting, life drawing, clay figures and now silversmithing. My small business started 18 years ago when I first traveled to India and purchased old saris and silver and selling at Gorman House market. I then started designing jewellery, mostly from old trade beads and old silver, as a friend brought me back a large box of trade beads from Ghana. From then I was hooked on old trade beads traded from Venice to W. Africa and also to India, Nepal.

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